News: The Buddha With 1,000 Hands

The Buddha With 1,000 Hands

Incredible dance production, Thousand-Hand Guan Yin, performed by China's Disabled People's Performance Art Troupe. All of the performers are deaf, which makes the choreography quite an amazing accomplishment. 

Check out the synchronized hand spinning at 2:39.

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I wonder what china would have been like without westerner's coming in a forcing their garbage down their throats with opium.

uh...they seem to be doing just fine for the most part.

Are you aware of how disastrous western implications on the chinese culture were in the early 1800. Westerner's waged what is known as the opium war, in order to force themselves on china, including several other asian countries.
I just love the chinese culture, but only before the radical westernization.

However, I wouldn't discount all Chinese culture post the opium war. For example, a lot of the most interesting contemporary art in the world today is coming out of china. And although it may be influenced by the West, historical/traditional eastern culture is strongly rooted in it.

Look, I'm Chinese, and am perfectly well aware of what Westerners did to the Chinese with opium. However, I find your remarks really condescending to the Chinese people, as if a billion+ people can't create the type of culture they want. They currently hold most of the US debt, their middle class is the largest it's been in centuries, and only they could pull off the spectacular show that was the 2008 Olympics. So while there's lots of good and bad in Chinese culture right now, to blame everything you find lacking on the Westerners is just plain ignorant, and like I said before, reeks of condescension.

I apologize for offending you or any other chinese person. I got overly defensive on my last comment and typed something stupid without a second thought.

I harbor similar feelings for my own nationality, and I probably projected that onto the chinese culture.
I have seen some amazing things out of china recently and their economy is doing amazing I hear.
It is unfair to have put down the chinese culture of today by blaming it on the opium wars.

Im sorry again, and I really should keep my mouth shut til I got all the facts.

uh... yeah, i'd have to agree with toastykitten.


Don't Feed the Nationalist Troll. I see the same amount of stupidity on videos of The Red Army Choir, with people flaming each other instead of commenting on the awesomeness just seen here.

Eshian, thank you for the apology. And I also think that we should be turning our focus back to the great video of the 1,000 Guan Yin hands. It's one of my favorite things I've seen in a long time.

It is pretty amazing, for a little bit i thought it was some sort of mirror trick.

Wow all those hands could be read for hours ... yummy

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