How To: Pirouette in ballet, jazz or modern dance

Pirouette in ballet, jazz or modern dance

Emily, Marley, Rebecca, Sloane and Katrina with Fit For A Feast demonstrate how to do pirouettes. A pirouette is a basic dance move. Use spotting to prevent dizziness and complete multiple turns. Keep staring at the same spot while turning and then switch at the last moment. Put your left leg in front and extend your arms so that they are opposite your legs. The right arm will be forward straight out and the left arm will be extended out toward your legs. Then, bend at the knees with the back leg popped up and the front floor flat. Keep the shoulders back and the stomach in. Bring the right knee up to your leg and lift up in a revele on the balls of your feet. Keep your hips straight and tighten your core muscles for control. Turn to the right, coming full forward, jumping the feet out and placing the hands on the knees to complete the pirouette.

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