How To: Impress classmates at a school dance

Impress classmates at a school dance

Got moves? Than show them off! School dances can be pretty lame, but you could pump up the volume and make it one of the best nights of the school year… along with impressing all of your classmates (or maybe completely embarrassing yourself). Be creative with your sources to impress your classmates at your next school dance.

You Will Need
* A great outfit
* A cool ride
* Dates
* An entourage
* Wicked dance moves
* Confidence

Step 1: Dress to impress
Dress to impress. Wear a fine suit or a stunning dress for the occasion.

Step 2: Pull up
Show up in style by pulling up in a fancy, expensive car, in a helicopter, or by horse and carriage.

If these rides are unattainable, avoid being dropped off by a parent and impress at the door.

Step 3: Show up with two dates
Show up with two dates. Walk in with your head up, a big smile on your face, and a date on each arm. Arrive fashionably late.

Step 4: Show up with an entourage
Show up with your entourage following behind you.

Step 5: Learn dance moves
Learn some wicked dance moves and show them off at the dance.

Step 6: Be friendly
Be courteous and friendly to everyone.

Step 7: Be yourself
Be yourself. Be confident in yourself and you will always have a great time.

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